Rabbi Terry M. Greenstein
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Life Cycle Events

Baby Namings

Celebrating the birth of a newborn child is something that we all truly enjoy!  Rabbi Terry consults with families and together they identify Hebrew names for their child and create an inclusive, meaningful, and joyful ceremony.



B’nai Mitzvah Ceremonies

Rabbi Terry has worked very closely with bar and bat mitzvah children as well as their families over the years to prepare them for a very meaningful b’nai mitzvah experience. 

She believe that a child needs to understand what mitzvot are and thus has created a meaningful family b'nai mitzvah program.  Through this experience her students gain an understanding of who they come from and learn different aspects of what it means to become a b'nai mitzvah.  

Each child is unique and the actual amount of Torah they are asked to chant is tailored to their particular abilities.  Rabbi Terry works closely with her students and their parents as they prepare a D’var Torah, a talk based on the Torah portion that they have chanted. 


The actual ceremony is quite beautiful and is very inclusive to the non-Jews present.  The goal is to make it a joyful, family life cycle event for everyone.

Funeral Service

Being sensitive to the needs of families who have just lost a loved one, Rabbi Terry will work closely with the family on this journey to say goodbye.  The goal is to celebrate the life of the one who they have just lost.

The first major life cycle event in a couple's life together is when they plan their wedding ceremony.  Rabbi Terry meets with couples prior to their ceremony to determine what they are looking for in a wedding.  Together they tailor make it so that it is truly a special moment for them. 


She been trained as a Prepare/Enrich facilitator and works with couples in identifying their strengths and growth areas as they prepare to live a life together.


Rabbi Terry will perform Interfaith weddings for couples who are committed to having a Jewish home and raising their children as Jews.  She also performs same sex weddings.


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